Hi there! My name is Laura, and I support caregivers, front-line workers, and service providers to prioritize their care alongside their work caring for others

I do this through workshops and training with organizations and groups, one-on-one coaching, and through sharing writing and resources for anyone who feels like they give and give and want to learn how to assert healthy boundaries and get comfortable saying no - without fueling guilt.

Because you deserve to receive the care and support you give to those around you.

But I haven't always thought this way - at least for myself. I spent two decades feeling guilty for focusing on my needs. I felt scared to say no. I said yes to everyone. I didn't know how to assert or maintain any kind of healthy boundaries.

The result? I got walked all over, was busy 24/7, consistently sick, and I felt bitter, frustrated, and worn out trying to play catch-up on the energy I was giving and giving outward.

Now I cherish time for myself. I'm able to balance the work I love (supporting others) with taking control back over my schedule (supporting myself). And you can too. 

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Here's how I got from there to here:

When I studied my undergraduate degree I completed three years of the Concurrent Education program, specializing to become a High School English teacher, before switching my major and focus to Gender Studies. I volunteered at the Sexual Assault Centre Kingston in public education and taught workshops about consent and sexual violence prevention at St. Lawrence College to social service worker students and to Grade 7 and 8 youth through Pathways to Education.

This lead me to complete my diploma at George Brown in the Assaulted Women’s and Children’s Counsellor Advocate Program, completing my internship at Adult Protective Services, Community Living Toronto running an 8-week support group and managing female client intake.

My professional work, activism, and workshop facilitations in Niagara, Kingston, and Toronto all revolved around consent, raising awareness about sexual abuse, and working to end sexual violence.

I specialized my research focus for my Master of Education on the sexual health components of Ontario’s 2015 Health and Physical Education curriculum. I advocated for professional development for teachers to guide their implementation strategies to best support queer, trans, and non-binary students in their teaching of the new curriculum. I travelled to Washington D.C. to present at the American Educational Research Association to international colleagues. Since 2015, and the recent news of Doug Ford repealing this updated curriculum to revert to the 1998 version, I have shared about the critical importance of youth learning about consent, gender identity, bodily autonomy, and healthy relationships in interviews for Today’s Parent and Niagara This Week.


The common thread between each chapter of my professional, activist, and academic work has been empathy. Being able to understand, feel, and share what another has experienced. Being deeply in tune with emotion, with connecting to someone's story. And feeling it with them. 

What I’ve experienced and what I’ve lived through has called me to serve and support others who are navigating the same path.  

I now coach individual clients, facilitate groups, and work with organizations to help front-line workers, service providers, and caregivers prioritize their mental health and care.

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Certifications & Training

Degrees & Diplomas

Sexual and Gender Diversity, Queen's University
Leadership Niagara

Master of Education, Social Justice Education, University of Toronto
Bachelor of Arts, Gender Studies, Queen's University
Assaulted Women's & Children's Counsellor/Advocate, George Brown College

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