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Hi, I’m Laura! I write, speak, and facilitate workshops
to help you prioritize yourself, deepen into authenticity, and live a life free from guilt


I used to say yes to everything and everyone.

I didn’t want to say no and disappoint people. I felt guilty if I tried to express my needs - it was easier to just do what others wanted.

”Self-Care” looked like bath bombs, expensive trips, and wine, and none of those things were helping me feel less guilty, feel more balanced, or discover who I really was outside of helping others.

I had been working in front-line work for 10 years and had reached complete burnout.

And it led me to ask the question: Who is supporting the supporters?


I knew this was my calling - my next step and vocation: to support the ones supporting everyone else. The nurse working a week of overnights. The teacher managing a classroom of 30. The counsellor holding space for clients all day.

My passion is to help you create a realistic + actionable strategy to support your needs alongside your incredible work supporting others.

I’m grateful you’re taking the time to read this and I want to honour that by keeping this
“meet Laura” page a page and not an autobiography. So here are some fast facts!

My friends call me Laur. I love This Is Us and unapologetically cry at every episode. I was a competitive gymnast in high-school. I love otters. I backpacked through Ireland and lived on potatoes for a month in 2011. My focus for my Master of Education was the Ontario sexual health education curriculum (inclusive sex-ed is a right every single person deserves). I love to teach and have delivered more than 100 workshops to 5000+ people. I love colourful heels and local handmade jewelry. I have a collection of mix-matched mugs. I’m in recovery from an eating disorder and self-harm. I’m continually unlearning the messages that told me my worth is connected to how much I can do for others. I’m accepting myself more every single day.

I believe in you.

xo, Laur

Laura has helped me to become reacquainted with who I am, outside of what I do for everyone else