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June Topic: Navigating Guilt

Our eighth Rest & Rise workshop invites us to navigate through the areas in our life where we feel guilty and start to shift those guilty yes’s into empowered no’s.

The most common reason women share with me that they don't self-care (set boundaries, say no, make time for themselves) is because they feel guilty. Because we feel like we can't say no, can't change a dynamic, or make a new decision that may cause someone else discomfort, anger, or disappointment.

Guilty to say no. 
Guilty for not doing enough. 
Guilty for being fully themselves. 
Guilty to make a change. 
Guilty for being not enough. 
Guilty for being "too much"

This Sunday June 23rd, together we're working with and through that guilt to RELEASE it. Because you deserve - and can - feel grounded instead of guilty. You can say no when you want to say no. You can have your needs met. You can be fully you without needing to shrink, accommodate, hide, or change.

Sunday June 23rd 10am - 3pm St. Catharines, ON

Register for June’s REST & RISE to shift from guilty to grounded.

How to Register

Email contact@lauralizhughes.com to complete registration
Workshop cost: $129 - Includes 5h workshop, gluten-free, vegan lunch, and resource booklet

Feedback about REST & RISE

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"I was one of Laura Hughes' participants today and, although I'm still processing and reflecting, this was one of the best workshops, if not the best workshop, I've ever attended. I will be signing up for as many more as I can."
- Laura Ip, Founder, President and Head Coach, Underdogs Boxing Club

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Yesterday we participated in Laura Hughes’ Rest & Rise Goal Setting and Intentions workshop & we are full of gratitude.🙏🏼In the short time we spent working with Laura, we are feeling more motivated, empowered and confident in both our personal and professional lives. We can’t wait to see how our new daily routines impact our mindset and overall energy.

If you’re looking to build confidence, feel grounded, seek clarity, or just looking for some solid radical self care, Laura is an incredible facilitator and an amazingly talented human with powerful energy.✨⚡️
- Julie Mercier & Jaclyn McPherson, Lemon Collective Marketing

"This was an amazing morning 🙌🏾 I couldn't stop nodding my head and saying "thank you" 😂 it's great to have space where you're listened to and affirmed. I highly recommend attending Laura's next workshop!"
- Madi Fuller, Post-Secondary Administrator and Student

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”I attended Laura's Rest and Rise workshop on intentions and goal setting. I didn't know what to expect from this but went in open. Wow! I came away with so much more than I ever imagined. Laura is an incredibly skilled facilitator and it is evident that she loves what she does. I can't recommend her workshops enough. I will be attending more.”
- Chris Alic, Custodial Coordinator, Brock University; Arist 

"Until I took this workshop, I hadn't realized that boundary setting also meant taking your power back. After playing Laura's own version of self-care and boundary setting jeopardy, completing a few free-writing activities and having some discussions on overcoming guilt and shame, I realized how much I had rooted my identity in how much I could help and give to other people. Standing in my power and in alignment with myself comes with setting boundaries & protecting my energy. All in all, it was an amazing workshop, and I can't wait for the next one!"
- Manchari Paranthahan, Make Up By Manch

About Laura

Laura Hughes is a speaker and facilitator providing workshops, resources, and 1-on-1 support to service providers and front-line workers. Laura works with groups, organizations, and businesses to initiate workplace and systemic change to prioritize the needs and mental health of those working in emotionally laborious and trauma-informed spaces. She has delivered over 60 workshops across Southern Ontario on topics of consent, ending sexual violence, and radical self-care, and presented on inclusive sexual health education to attendees from around the globe at the American Educational Research Association conference in Washington D.C. Laura holds a specialized diploma in counselling and advocacy for survivors of sexual violence and a Master of Education from the University of Toronto. In her work she combines her love for poetry, passion for storytelling, and action for equity and change.